[Important] Service Closure Announcement
Thank you for playing "CHARADAN".

We regret to inform you that "CHARADAN" will be concluding its service as of 3/31.

We released "CHARADAN" as a new sensation dance player app on 2023/8/21, and have been updating it with the aim of bringing enjoyment to everyone. However, we have reached the conclusion that it is difficult to continue the service going forward.

We deeply apologize for the sudden notice to all those who have been enjoying "CHARADAN".

The schedule leading up to the service closure is as follows.

Schedule leading up to the service closure
・2/7 after maintenance: Start of a new campaign
As a token of appreciation to everyone who played "CHARADAN", we will hold a new campaign for you to enjoy to the end.
In the campaign, we will be offering discounts on shop items and Gacha, along with a daily login bonus where you can earn character points.
Along with this campaign, we hope you continue to enjoy "CHARADAN" until the end.

・2/29 15:00: Discontinuation of the sale of Paid Dancoins and suspension of new app downloads from the store page
After this, you will no longer be able to purchase Dancoins.
Paid Dancoins purchased by 2/29 14:59 will be available until 3/31 14:59, when the service ends.

・3/31 15:00: End of service
The app will no longer be playable.

That concludes the announcement.

We thank you for your continued support and patronage of "CHARADAN".

We hope you continue to enjoy "CHARADAN" until the end.